Saturday, April 6, 2013

Hey, Kid.

Im always the kid. 
the one that doesn't have it right. 
the one they leave alone. 
who is left alone to cool.
is uncool.
socially inept.
knows little of the real world.
whatever they mean.
Feels little.
but have you seen 
the feats of little things?
of aunts that can carrytheir homes on their backs?
I carry my home.
i am my home.
home is where the heart is.
i carry it everywhere
i go.
have they not seen it?
i carry it sometimes in my belly.
as a kid
i could never find a permanent home
just like ants
i learned to carry heavy things
in my heart
walk lightly 
with alacrity

Im strong.
I am the sinew and the meat.
have they not seen?
There's not time.
to unravel.

when i unravel.
i fold myself together
They'll see.
always a kid.
but ive always been the sinew and the meat.

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