Thursday, September 13, 2012


I drove past you today. I drove past your remains on the highway. It was you who sat there, silently. You sat loudly next to me, screaming at me. Leave. Please. Leave. Now. I heard you from a mile away. I heard you push me away. It was inevitable suffering. They say I do this to myself. It’s everything I wanted, maybe more. How could it be what I wanted… when all I did was… never mind it’s useless. It’s inevitable that the cut will go deep. It’s almost branded. I have your name branded in my soul. And every day of my life, I still find myself comparing you to everyone one I meet. No one made me as happy as you did. God. I can’t believe it’s come back to this again. Today. On a night that should be a cause for celebration. Yet. I saw you on the highway today and I passed your remains, sitting on that squeaky clean seat of yours.

This time, you can engulf me in your stare. That stare that I was so timid to accept. I was scared. No - undecided. Selfish. Oh god. It’s like I’m that “crazy girl” you’ll tell your friends about one day. That psycho that wrote you some long, weird email.  I can’t bring myself to open it again, to ever read it. I can’t bring myself to delete it. I cannot delete some of the emails. Even if they seem insignificant, they mean so much to me in my insignificant time on this earth. It’s insignificant really this pit in my eyes.

 All those ignored messages. Why? Why did you just ignore me? Was that the answer ? I cannot accept it, I never will. Yet. I’ve come to accept the silence. A resounding, I’m sorry it’s too late, please leave me alone, would have sufficed. I didn’t know that’s how nice it was to be with a person that made you stronger, and accepted your many flaws. See, you didn’t dissect me. I know you didn’t. I did. And it was my mistake, of many. After you left,
you made me stronger, and maybe more secure in myself. It was like a marathon, it felt like it would never end. I had many aches and pains, but I finished the run without you by my side. I was waiting for you, to hold the poster at the end saying  (screaming) “I love you too! I always did! And I miss you too!” Yet the only thing that met at the end was empty satisfaction that I finished alone. No. But listen. I know that I don’t want to be a damsel in distress. To many times, in the past, I dreamed of that possibility. Of having my dreams just out of my reach when the knight will swing down from some invisible precipice, and sweep me in his arms. Too many times, my mind scratches on that scene now. I try to rewind it, but I can’t visualize it anymore. It’s more like a kaleidoscope where all the imagery merges and becomes an indistinguishable part from the other. I want to rewrite my dreams. Dreams where I can save myself. My mind won’t remember all those memories, yet they refuse to leave. And where there was tenderness once, there will always remain.

Except if I see you I can’t promise to be okay. Don’t worry. No hysterics. Just a nod and half a smile. A bit to sentimental perhaps. I’ll return to my usual self.  Now, I can finally leave you alone. Thanks scotch tape for the many sweet little memories. It’s time I finally let you live in peace.  Foremost, it’s time I give my heart a break, it’s been too long.



Saturday, September 8, 2012

Revisiting horrible green ice teas

I came to Starbucks to write, and all I've been doing is bullshitting. I mean. I've been here. Lingering. Flirting. With words of course. I'm toying with some verbs and meaningless thoughts. Plus, I'm getting tired of buying their $1.50 shitty, green iced teas (which I only buy so I don't feel I'm smooching off their internet, because that's the only reason I come to Starbucks). Also, because this place is for rich people, and I refuse (who am I kidding, i mean afford) to buy anything above $1.50. Yet, on occasion, I splurge on their coffee machiato's, even though they are becoming increasingly gross and too sugary. Allergies. It's the sugar, I think. I used sugary for too long, as a substitute sweetener to my life.  It's high time I replace that sugar with real stuff. Whatever the hell that means, right? I've refused to rummage through my cardiac muscles to find the answer, which I've felt it before, lightly. The answer is there, I know so.


Awkward transitions, seem to be the theme around these parts (meaning just myself) lately . So with no great transition, here it goes: I'm ok-ish. Finally! Yet, Not sure if that means I'm going on a downward slope again. I've come to embrace several things about myself. Which, I can't believe has taken 23 years to finally reach this point. Yet, I'm going to wait until next time. Because drinking tea, makes you pee a lot, but for some reason drinking horrible artificial tea makes you hit a record number of visits. I'm embarrassed now, of going again. In a public place. So I think I'll high-tail it home. Plus, it's been a grand night of discoveries, and I want to sit in my room to deposit them in my memory box at home. Have a good night internet!