Monday, February 21, 2011

¿Porque No Duermo?

Talvez es porque yo tengo varias cosas que todavía no resuelvo. Porque tengo muchas cosas que no he dicho a personas en particular. ¿Porque me torturo tanto, porque? Cada vez me pregunto quien soy. Mis creencias siempre las cuestiono. Siempre estoy en cuestiones perpetuas.

Fish Soup.

A couple of days ago, my mom made fish soup. It's the kind she would make in the days of yore - haha. okay maybe not that long ago, but you'd have to see how it looks, you'd think it was from the centuries before they had tools to clean fish.

See, her soup was made with whole fish, two to be exact, and she simply put some vegetables, salt, spices, and other secret stuff. You know, mom's secret recipe. The specific type of fish she used is called a mojara (when it's fried).  However, she did not fry these fishes.

When my mom cooks, she makes a whole vat of whatever it is, wether it's soup, meat, enchiladas. Sometimes, I know it's due to the fact that she had a huge family,  she was used to cooking for twelve other people, and now she simply cannot cook for only three people. She misses my aunt too (who always came over for dinner) but recently moved to state of Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz.  Although I shouldn't complain much, my mom seriously is known for cooking skills. Her cooking is the envy of all my uncles, they wish she could cook for them all the time.

However, this particular soup does not look appetizing at all. The soup is a mix between gumbo with fish soup, plus the fish is horrible to look at. Imagine, the fish's texture is that of a cayman, green, rough, unpleasant to the touch. The eye of the fish stares at you, one eyes is a blank stare, I feel remorse for having cut its life short (considering its already short life.

The fins are spiky, and the smell, well, let's say you'd rather not eat once the smell hits your nostrils. See, this is supposed to be healthy eating. I usually don't mind this, but my relatively unhealthy habits die hard after dining out so much this past year.

So time for a change. After getting sick for a record breaking two weeks (including a two-day all time high fever), I've opted for the healthy eating lifestyle.

 After the first spoonful, I actually enjoyed it. Don't let the looks of the fish soup fool you, even this repugnant looking soup is delicious.

Lesson: Judge not the soup by its looks, but by its taste and nutritious value.

Bring on the fish soup =)  My mom's cooking never fails.