Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Why? You had such a beautiful soul. The greatest. Why didn't you ever believe us? This pang in my stomach and heart will never heal. I will always have you in my heart. 

You were the greatest.

Thursday, September 22, 2011


 I used to love sleeping over my aunt and uncles' homes. They were always warm and full of bubbling pots, and laughter packaged in tiny mouths that were filled with tiny hands. Baby feet would scurry down the corridors -  welp as big corridors can be in relatively large mobile homes - and kisses would cover your cheeks. Each home had a distinct smell. You know, the smell that distinguishes one person from another, kinda like perfume, but without the nauseating part.
Note: I HATE perfume. I'm probably the only girl that does not own any perfume. It is equal to a stomach-churning experience, and I get close to vomiting if you get within a foot of me. My aunt told me I need vitamins? ::shrug::

I could immediately tell to whom (family -  not particular person really) a sweater, jacket, or shirt, belonged to when I'd find them in our home. My family used to come to our house all the time, ten to fifteen people on any given weekend. Clothes would be strewn around our home since our family get-togethers were more like a camping experiences.  They would spend the night and so backpacks and baby bags would be carried around.  Like that one medium sweater, yep, it had to belong to my uncle Moises' family. Or that baby hat, yea, it was from my Tio Tivos' little girl. The honeysuckle smell that they'd carry were name tags that would allow me to identify who was next to me with my eyes closed. It romanticized their lives, since mine was more like a cold dank room. My core family - my brother, my mother, and I - don't have a smell. We kinda are just there, without any type of warmth. Our house, growing up, always smelled like rotten fruit and vegetables, with a tinge of pinosol to try to cover the smell. It was either that or a supermarket type smell, the type that you wanna gag at the amount of clorox and pinosol used to clean the floor.


I think I'm finally acquiring a smell in my home. Don't worry, it's not upsetting pinosol or clorox anymore.

Have a good night. I can't wait to be at school once more, even if I just want to be in the remotest corner of the 6th floor.